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The Vanhunks Snapper is the latest model to join our kayaking family. When we looked at the design of the Snapper we wanted to create a new and exciting shape that changed the perception of what a regular fishing kayak should be. We wanted to create a kayak that was both light and maneuverable without taking anything away from any features that make the Snapper the ultimate recreational fishing kayak.

The sharp keel shape at the bow and stern of the kayak cuts through the water easily making the Snapper very quick, agile, and incredibly responsive. The sit-in design of the Snapper elevates its stability despite the sharp keel shape, making it comfortable and balanced in any water condition.

The sit-in area has built-in padded seating that supports your back and the foot pedal rudder system is positioned on the side walls of the interior, ensuring extra leg space, and adding to your comfort whilst out adventuring. Operating the rudder blade has never been easier with the rudder locking system and rudder cable positioned directly in front of you on the left-hand side of the kayak. The rudder cable allows you to gently lift and drop the rudder as needed.

Storage is ample with there being storage compartments both behind and in front of the sit-in seating. At the front of the kayak, there is a round hatch that is perfect for stowing gear and safety equipment while the rear storage behind the seat is larger and oval and perfect for camping gear or that catch of the day. Both hatches are secured with water-tight rubber molded hatch lids that suck onto the kayak’s pre-molded hatch designs ensuring your gear stays safe and secure.

The carry handles positioned both on the nose and tail allow for easy lifting and transportation of the Snapper allowing you to get the kayak on and off the roof and into the water with ease.

Overall, the Snapper is made to handle all types of waterways from pristine, calm lakes to the open ocean. Its design and shape create a kayak that has speed and agility in all conditions making the Snapper great for getting to those hard-to-reach places.

Ready to take on all conditions, The Snapper is perfect for a day of fun on the water or that overdue camping getaway.

Front T Shape carry handle

Rear Carry Handle

Guiding Line bow and stern

Round Front hatch with suction seal cover

Cup Holder

Secure Bungee Paddle holders

Swivel ball Rod Holder

Rudder lines Locking system

Foot-operated rudder system

Padded seat for comfort

Flick Down Rudder blade

Oval rear storage with suction-sealed lid

Moulded seating to allow for Tarpaulin water sealing


Length: 381 cm / 12’5 ft

Width: 65 cm / 25.5 inches

Height: 35 cm / 13.7 inches

Weight: 28 kgs / 62 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 180 kg / 397 lbs

Vanhunks Snapper 12.5 Sit In

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