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Length: 384 cm / 12.6 ft

Width: 85 cm / 33 inches

Height: 30 cm / 11 inches

Weight w/out drive: 32 kg / 70 lbs

Weight with drive: 36 kg / 79 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 185 kg / 407 lbs

The Zambezi 12.6ft Kayak was designed and manufactured to be the simplified solution to whether one should take a fishing or recreational Kayak. By combining the best features from both kayak options, we are confident that the Zambezi is the perfect all-rounder. Not only have you got all the features of a recreational and fishing kayak, but the Zambezi can upgrade to a Prop or Fin drive propelled Kayak. Simply removing the toolbox hatch and inserting the drive system will allow you a hands-free paddling approach, which opens a whole new world of possibilities.

At first glance at the Zambezi, its immense storage ability stands out immediately. A lockable rectangle hatch positioned behind the Aluminum seating opens into the hull, creating a large area for storage for your camping gear or catch of the day. The hatch on the bow of the Kayak is secured by cross-braced bungee cording for security, and this is terrific for anchor and safety equipment. Below the bow hatch, a center console hatch opens towards the paddler, allowing for easy reachable access. Positioned In front of the raised aluminum seating is the toolbox hatch to set up your fishfinder. The toolbox has enough space for your sealed lithium battery and extra cabling to keep your deck free of clutter and wiring. Regarding the transducer, there is a scupper plug with a perforated hard 4mm nylon cover with brass inserts to easily mount your sonar, and this is close to the toolbox, limiting the amount of wiring length needed.

Throughout the deck, we have placed scupper plug points to allow any excess water to drain off the deck’s surface.

Whether cruising an estuary or venturing into the deep blue, comfort is essential, especially when spending long hours on the water. For that reason, we have added a raised aluminum mesh seat. Durable and quick to dry, the aluminum seating supports your back and legs so that you can enjoy your paddle more. The aluminium seat runs along an inserted accessory rail to shift the seating to the perfect position for comfort; when in place, fasten by tightening up the seat rail clips, ensuring that the seat is secure.

If fishing is your game and you enjoy having the diversity of a few rods per rigged on board, then the Zambezi has enough rod space. There are four integrated sloping rod holders behind the aluminum seat, and these are perfect for trolling or simply storing your rods. There are two additional rod holders in front of the seating, and these are angled to face away from the paddler and are great for applying bait to your trace or simply resting your active rods.

Transporting and stowing of your Zambezi is paramount, so to assist with easy movement, there are four carry handles on the Kayak. The handle at the stern and a second on the bow aids with carrying and a handle on either side of the Kayak, which is excellent for getting on the Kayak or simply stabilizing the Kayak when entering the water.

Safety is always at the forefront of design. The Zambezi offers a perfect balance between length, width, and hull shape to increase the stability and agility of the Kayak. With its 31.4 “/ 80cm wide and its 12.6ft in length, and its single keel into a flat base with channels design, the Zambezi is incredibly stable, agile, and loads of fun.

Vanhunks Zambezi 12.6

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